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Feel free to contact any of the following companies that we have ad previous experience with. We are highly rated, and are even listed as a Super Service Award Winner on Angie's List.
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Baton Rouge Marriott
Brady Gautreaux - (225) 927-1190
Bon Carre Business Center
Bernard Gossarand - (225) 926-4777
LA Digestive Health Center
Brady Gautreaux - (225) 927-1190
Performance Contractors
Buddy Ricou - (225) 755-7669
St. Joseph's Academy
Arthur Smith - (225) 383-7207
The Haven at Windemere
Daniel Willis - (225) 769-9996
St. Thomas More Catholic Church
Melanie Johnson - (225) 275-3940
St. Aloysius Catholic School
Ross McCalip - 225.383.3871
Catholic High School
Don Hood - (225) 383-0397
Dr. Timothy Bella Family Medicine
Dr. Tim Bella - (225) 272-0106
The Dermatology Clinic
Dr. Tom Meek - (225) 769-7546
Dan - (225) 218-8467
Arkel Constructors
Derek Fife - (225) 343-0525
Buquet & LeBlanc
Bill Firesheets - (225) 753-4150
Cangelosi Ward General Contractors
Robert Ward - (225) 927-7258
Milton J. Womack
Terry Hill - (225) 924-8050
Stuart Construction
Chris Stuart - (225) 291-6375
Percy J. Matherne Contractors
Don Matherne - (225) 356-4416
Faulk and Meek General Contractors
John Meek - (225) 329-4571
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  • Tub Shower Repair - January 8, 2013

    When a friend tried to adjust our shower head, it came loose from the weld. I went to Angie's List and found Louis Mechanical Contractors had the best rating. I called and expected them to come out in about a week but when Paula (whom I got when I called the service department) told me they could come out in the morning, you could have knocked me over with a feather. My husband who does know plumbing but doesn't weld was up with Adam while he fixed the first weld and then discovered the weld at the bottom fixture had come loose and been leaking too. From what my husband said, the plumber who installed it the first time hadn't done a very good job and it had been leaking sometime, we just hardly ever used that tub enough to notice.

    I will Angie's List existed 25 years ago. We're so lucky to it does now. Before Adam left, he told my husband to try and twist it. It was solid. Adam was very friendly and pleasant. He does excellent work and we will definitely use Louis Mechanical Contractor from now on.

  • Drain Cleaning - January 17, 2013

    The office called and said Billy was on his way, he came a few minutes later and I showed him what I needed done and he went straight to work and fixed everything, three toilets and cleared a drain in a bathtub. I have used Louis Mechanical before and was just as pleased each time. They are a great family owned company who care about their customers, you will be pleased.

    Jan C., Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  • Kitchen Project - November 8, 2011
    I wanted to write to you to express that we were, and are extremely please with the people you sent to work on our kitchen project.  If I remember correctly, you sent Billy and a helper to our home.  They arrived exactly on time, and when they got there, they were immediately at work.  They acted only in a professional manner and were swift in their task.  They were polite and courteous.  They were informative and gave us hints on how to get the best results from the items we had furnished them to install.  They also cleaned up after themselves and left my better-half quite pleased.  We are thrilled to have had them come to our home to work, and I can tell you when the subject of our renovated kitchen comes up with our family and friends, you can be sure that we tell them about Louis Mechanical and how please we are to have found a reliable professional plumber in town.

Assaf, Simoneaux, Tauzin & Associates
Chris Tauzin - (225) 926-5600
Frank Thompson & Associates
Frank Thompson - (225) 293-9474
Henry Eyre PE Consulting Engineers
Henry Eyre - (225) 767-7070
Bani Carville & Brown AIA Architects, Inc.
Henry Carville - (225) 343-2267
Bradley-Blewster & Associates
Lynn Bradley - (225) 769-7040
Grace & Hebert Architects
Jerry Hebert - (225) 338-5569
Jerry Campbell & Associates Architects
Jerry Campbell - (225) 381-9435
Post Architects
Lisa Nice - (225) 293-6964
Robert Coleman & Partners
Buddy Ragland - (225) 387-4414
Cockfield . Jackson
Steve Jackson - 225.761.1680
Remson Haley Herpin, Architects
Sam Herpin - 225.383.0002
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